Mime en Mi Mineur – Interview

  1. What is Mime / Pantomime?

A wonderful way to tell stories that everyone can hear/read/fell/watch…

  1. What influences and teachers have influenced you?

I mostly learnt everything discovering other works on internet, spending thousand of hours watching all kinds of mime… To give a few names, the one that most inspired me are Carlos Martinez, Claude Kipnis. But I must say that inspiration comes often from other disciplines, and Alexandre Astier, french movie director, actor, composer…, did write 2 shows which are the greatest example of stage performances for me: „Que ma joie demeure“ – Theater piece for one actor about Johann Sebastian Bach’s life & „L’exoconference“ where we witness a conference from a scientist who talks about alien visiting earth.

  1. Why did you choose Mime / Pantomime?

Since my young age, I always did juggle, I then later started to experiment stage, and had a glimpse of all the possibilities. I soon understood, that what I want to do is to tell stories, and not just stay on visual effects without meaning. Mime was then the perfect discovery: to be able to combine different circus disciplines and tell stories that make sense. It is a great journey to learn how one tells something with a beginning, a middle and an end.