Yayoi Hirano – Interview

1.What is Mime / Pantomime?

Performance without words or not depends on words.

2. What influences and teachers have influenced you?

Yasu Ohashi, who used to work with Jacques Lecoq and teach at the university I went to.( Japan Tokyo)

Milan Sladek, I received the grant to study overseas, I went to Koln to work with him.

Peter Baumgart ,During my stay in Koln, I visited Berlin and saw his company and was really impressed.

Jan Henerson, I took her clowning workshop. I was really touched.( in Canada Edmonton)

3. Why did you choose Mime / Pantomime?

I wanted to express myself without words all over the world. Specially Japanese is not a universal language.

4. Mime work in digital space – can it work? What is changing?

It is not easy, because we need the space which is three dimensional, but digital space is still two dimensional.

5. Distance not only in the presentation medium, but also in everyday social life, change this situation the perception of physical theater?

Probably, but these experiences are something you won’t have many times in your life, so, enjoy and explore what we can do and look for a deeper meaning of life, which you can’t see only working one to next.