Luciano Brindisi

Professional actor and mime (since 1986).

His shows toured around 100 cities in Argentina, Equator, Colombia,Peru and Spain.

He worked in different television programs in Argentina ( Te Le Fe TV channel  in 1997-98), and Educational Television Programs on Channel 7.

His theatrical shows of Mime, Pantomime and new circus, were recognized in Argentina with the Estrella de Mar Award (1987-88-95-96-97-2015-2016), in different national categories.

During 2020, under the conditions generated by COVID 19, he made differents virtual shows and talks about Mime, Theater of movement and Physical Comedy in International Festivals (Theater, Mime and New Circus).


The research on Theatricality of Movement, based on the teachings of its teachers Claire Heggen and Yves Marc from the French company Theatre du  Mouvement, was the main stimulus for the search for other enriching languages and resources found in workshops and seminars of great masters and professionals: Corinne Soumn (corporal mime), Pierrik Malebranche from Philippe Genty Company (visual theater), Stalker Theatre (Physical Australian Company), Impro Theatre (Ricardo Behrens, Argentina), Commedia dell’arte (Cristina Moreira, Argentina).

In his workshops „Mime, Communication and Creativity“, he has developed his contents within the framework of Education through Art, in National and International Congresses of Argentina and abroad, coordinating workshops of educational improvement in Kinder,Preschool and Primary Level, as well  aimed at training for actors and dancers.

CEO in LB CONTENIDOS (since 1995), show and performance development company for theater, television and advertising actions.